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21 Lessons...

The greatest life lessons can be learned in the strangest places…
When a cute, spunky little stray cat enters the office of a real estate agency, the cosmic worlds of business and nature collide with inspiring consequences. Coco Chanel...Coco for short, offers the quirky, colorful cast of characters in the office more than just a tender touch and a fuzzy friend, she encourages them to self-evaluate and transform into more harmonious, successful individuals. 

In 21 Lessons I Learned From My Cat: A Real Estate Agent’s Ultimate Guide to Life Success and Business Mastery, parables on health, wellness, personal growth, spirituality, love, and community are woven together to create a tapestry of life in its many forms. Follow this entertaining tale (tail?) of a seemingly typical tuxedo house cat who teaches its owners, or should we say its caretakers, everything humans could ever hope to learn about coping in life and business.

From a sweet, loveable tuxedo cat to her new found family, self-growth and personal awareness is actualized through the special, quiet interactions between feline friend and human companion. 

Join Tim, Betty, Rick, Dave, Iselda, and the rest of the crew as they grow and change in close proximity, all with the help of their furry little four-legged therapist, Coco. And as Coco would seem to say with her inquisitive expression...”And how are you today?” And so it begins!

The wait is over. Engaging and entertaining; I couldn't put the book down! A fun read that moves you forward while bringing you back to the basics of life success.

Dr. Michel Moulin


No matter your age or status in life, this book will make you take a good look at yourself when you most need it. Buy won't regret it!

Luis Albertini

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